The outgoing call charges in every country is different. For example, outgoing call in US might be $0.01 but that to Kenya might be $ 0.17.

Let’s say we make a unlimited calling plan for $100. Now we have two user USER A- Calls 1000 min in US per month and USER B- Calls 1000 minutes Kenya per month. 

As per CallHippo current Pricing- USER A will be paying 0.01*1000 = $10 (i.e $90 less than that in unlimited plan. And User B will be paying $0.17*1000 = $170 ( Callhippo will end up making loss of $70). 

This means, USER A is paying for the usage of USER B. 

So make sure you are not paying for other users.

That’s the only reason at CallHippo – we doesn’t provide unlimited calling.

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